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Important Notice Before Bidding

Auction Service Hours

Real time bidding system is available 24/7. However, business hours for manual bidding service by our Auction Team are from 10 AM to 7 PM (JST), including weekends and national holidays. You can also bid on auctions outside of business hours, place shopping orders as well.

Cancellations, Claims, and Returns

We cannot accept cancellations, returns or claim requests after a bid has been placed. Please check the auction page thoroughly before placing your order. Check here for more details.

Combining Domestic Shipping Fees and Payment Handling Fees

We can combine domestic shipping together for auctions if the following conditions are met:

  • Items must be won from the same seller
  • Items must be won within 24 hours
  • The seller agrees to combine shipping

Purchasing Flammable and Explosive Materials

In accordance with the shipping restrictions of the Japan Post, hazardous items such as explosives, corrosive or flammable materials cannot be sent outside of Japan. Please refrain from purchasing perfume, explosives, and other flammable items. For more information of items deemed dangerous, please refer here. In the case that such items are purchased through us, we will only able to ship them domestically. Otherwise, we will have to dispose of them for a disposal fee of at least 500 yen without compensation or refund on the purchase.

Purchasing Items Containing Lithium Batteries

Regarding the restriction of shipping lithium batteries to certain countries, in cases that the batteries are attached to the item or built-in, it may be possible to send the item overseas. However, this is limited to 4 battery cells, or 2 assembled batteries per package. We cannot ship mobile batteries.

The main countries for which shipping is possible: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Austria, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia.

For all other countries, please contact us before placing an order or bidding on an item you are unsure of.

  • When shipping lithium batteries, the batteries must be inside and connected to the device using it. As such, there are cases where we will have to open an item to confirm that this is done properly. If you do not wish for us to open your item, please contact us in advance.
  • If you are purchasing an item containing a lithium battery through us, please email us with the order number so we can ensure proper shipment of the item. There are cases when a battery is not properly connected to an item and are returned to us. We are not responsible for lost time or delivery payments in such cases.

Purchasing Oversized Items

Some items cannot be sent using Japan Post depending on the size, shape, and weight. Some items also needs for storage fee or special packaging fee. For further information, please refer to here.

For large items such as car doors, hoods, windshields, etc., we cannot send them. For car and motorbike shock absorbers cannot be sent. For wheels with tires together are not acceptable to ship out. They must be separated individually.

For other large items, please contact us before bidding for the auction.

Domestic Japanese Shipping

For shipping an item from our distribution center to a Japanese address, an 8% handling fee will be applied to the purchase. In addition, when we ship your items to a domestic forwarding company, the extra fee is also required. We do not offer a service to ship items from sellers/shops to a Japanese address directly.

Purchasing Intangible Items

We don't handle any intangible items such as Web Money, Electronic books, Serial codes / accounts of game etc. If such items are placed unwittingly, you may be charged on an extra handling fee of 2,000 yen per item additionally.

Fraudulent Transactions, Incomplete Shipments, Seller Bankruptcy

In cases of fraudulent transactions, or in which an item does not reach us, we not liable for the loss. This also applies for cases in which a seller does not ship the item for any reason or a store becomes bankrupt. There will be no Our selling fee charged to the purchase, however the buyer will be responsible for paying the total cost to the seller.