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List of Prohibited item to ship internationally

The following list of materials, and items which contain them, are restricted or prohibited to send overseas by Japanese customs. We can place orders for customers who wish to send these items domestically in Japan. For domestic shipments, please indicate a Japanese address when placing your shipping instructions. Please refrain from placing orders for these items when shipping internationally. GOODY-JAPAN does not check with the import or export regulations of any country when placing an order for an item. If you wish to ship internationally, please confirm the shipping restrictions of the appropriate countries before placing an order. We are not liable for any damages or losses incurred, and cannot offer refunds or cancellations for orders containing these items.

In the case that any prohibited/regulated item has been discovered after being shipped, any handling fees or costs charged by the shipping company will be the customer's responsibility. In the case that any items shipped are the cause of any incident, or damage to other packages/items, any compensation due will be the customer's responsibility.

For items which cannot be shipped, or items which require a disposal before sending, a disposal fee of at least 500 yen will incur for each item.

    Pornographic material, Child Pornography
    Diamonds (including rough and fabricated diamonds)
    Counterfeit, altered or fake currency
    Postage stamps and fiscal stamp
    Official letter
    National Treasures
    Important Cultural Properties
    Important Works of Art, etc.
    Pirated CDs/DVDs/Software
    Products with an undeterminable origin
    Lottery tickets

    High pressure gas
    Gas (Gas bombs, cartridges)
    Gas lighters
    Portable Oxygen
    Natural Gas
    Helium Gas
    Nitrogen / Liquid Nitrogen
    Small personal oxygen concentrators
    Oxygen cylinder (Aqualung)
    Aerosol Spray Cans (Hairspray, fragrance spray, lacquer spray, Air Salonpas, etc.)
    Enriched Oxygen
    Gas Products for Camping (Portable gas stoves, etc.)
    Fire Extinguishers

    Combustible liquids and materials
    Table tennis balls
    Fuel (Gasoline, Oil)
    Oil Lighters
    Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover
    Flammable Items, Items containing a flammable warning (sunscreen, shampoo, adhesives).
    Adhesives (Glues or other adhesives included with figures, toys, eyelash sets, etc. will incur a disposal fee)
    Electronic Cigarette
    Paint thinner
    Lighter Fluid
    Cooking Oil

    Organisms (live animals, insects, plants and vegetation)
    Items with soil
    Plants, Bonsai, Decorative Plants etc.
    Livestock Feed
    In accordance with CITES fauna and flora regulations: elephant trunks, tortoise shells, animal furs, alligator skin, snakeskin, lizard skin, etc.
    Plant seeds
    Insect Specimen Samples
    Taxidermied Animals

    Air Gun
    Fake Sword
    Lead-acid/Lead Storage Batteries
    Lithium-ion batteries (Limited to certain countries)
    Products with aforementioned built-in batteries (Limited to certain countries)
    Electric generators/Engines

    Gunpowder/Pyrotechnic (fireworks, crackers, ammunition, etc)
    Suspension/Shock absorber for cars. (except for bikes)
    Items that have fuel or oil inside, or that might be able to contain it (including both used and new items).
    Containers, cans, gasoline tanks, carburetors for containing oil or fuel (including both new and used products)
    Airbags (for vehicles)
    Steering wheels containing airbags
    Air Conditioners
    Seatbelt Pretensioners

    Harmful drugs
    Drug Paraphernalia
    Anesthesia and related drugs
    Poison, toxic and/or hazardous substances
    Insect repellent
    Agricultural Chemicals
    Organic Solvents

    Corrosive substances
    Peroxides, Oxidizing agents
    Dry ice
    Nuclear waste
    Radioactive substances
    Sodium hydroxide
    Barium carbonate
    Formalin / Formaldehyde
    Printer Toner Cartridges
    Ink, Ink Cartridges (In the case documentation is required, we may not be able to provide certain documents to ship ink abroad)

    Other banned items (before ordering please check regarding these)