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About Our Selling Fee

About Our Selling Fee

Our selling fee of all purchases (Shopping, Mercari, Yahoo Auction) varies in accordance with the total price of the order.

Item Price (Total item price in one order) Our Selling Fee
1 Yen ~ 4,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 600 Yen (fixed)
4,001 Yen ~ 10,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 750 Yen (fixed)
10,001 Yen ~ 15,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 7% of total item price in one order
15,001 Yen ~ 50,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 6% of total item price in one order
50,001 Yen ~ 100,000 Yen (incl. sales tax) 5% of total item price in one order
100,001 Yen or more (incl. sales tax) 4% of total item price in one order

When you send us an order for Mercari, and you request us to negotiate with the seller about the price, we charge you extra handling fee of 200 yen.

When we purchase multiple items from the same seller/shop, we will consider the items as a single order only if the following conditions are met:

  • Items must be purchased from the same seller (same store name and website domain)
  • The order must be sent at one time form GOODY-JAPAN's order form.
  • The each delivery date is not apart from each other more than 2 months.

Our selling fee is calculated based on a total amount of commodity price. When purchasing multiple items from a shop, please be aware of purchasing for all items in one cart then proceeding with a settlement at one time.

※When you purchase items including pre-order item, and if there is more than 2 months apart from each released date, each item will be separated and considered as an individual order even though you purchase at one time.

Other expenses

Domestic shipping fee This is a domestic shipping fee from the seller/shop to GOODY-JAPAN. We will charge an actual fee. If the seller/shop send items by C.O.D, we will add the C.O.D, fee on the domestic shipping fee.
Payment receiving fee Payment Receiving Fee is 4% of your all payments for products, domestic shipping, our fees, and international shipping. The Payment Receiving Fee is added on a final invoice.
Consumption tax For purchasing items inside Japan, consumption tax (10%) is charged on customers. Regarding auction bidding and Mercari shopping, consumption tax is not charged only when a product is listed by individual not a store.

※Exceptional expenses

Customs clearance fee : When we ship your items oversea, and the total amount of contents is 200,000 yen or more, we have to charge you for customs clearance fee of 2,800 yen that is charged by Japan Post.

When we purchase from an individual site / private-blog such as Doujin-site, we charge you extra handling fee of 1,000 yen.

As a general rule, we offer our service for items which are sold online only. However, if an item is required to buy at real shops only, it is negotiable as long as the shop is located within around 3km from our office. Also 1,000 yen as an additional fee may be applied. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us before ordering.

When you order at a website where multiple sellers are participating like Amazon, and if you buy items from multiple sellers at one time, we may charge you extra 100 yen per one seller from the 2nd seller. In this case we will handle the items as a single order.

If you purchase from Mercari, we cannot combine multiple items even if you buy items from the same seller.

If you order a kind of ticket like concert ticket or event ticket, an extra handling fee of 1,000 yen will be required. Also if the ticket shop charges us some handling fee, you have to pay for it.

If you wish to have your items sent to a domestic Japanese address, then as is written in our terms and conditions an extra 8% of item price will be payable. This fee is also payable when we ship your items to a domestic forwarding company.

Payment examples

Shopping (In the case of purchasing 2 items from the same shop)

Item Price (item A) 2,500 yen
Item Price (item B) 3,000 yen
Our selling fee 750 yen
Domestic shipping (*as an example) 800 yen
International shipping (*as an example) 1,500 yen
Payment receiving fee 342 yen
Total cost 8,892 yen

Mercari (without negotiation with seller)

Item Price 4,000 yen
Our selling fee 600 yen
Domestic shipping (*as an example) 0 yen
International shipping (*as an example) 1,500 yen
Payment receiving fee (fixed) 244 yen
Total cost 6,344 yen

※ Most of all items in Mercari are listed with a price including domestic shipping.

Auction (In the case of winning 2 auctions from the same seller)

Won price (Auction A) 1,800 yen
Won price (Auction B) 2,500 yen
Our selling fee (minimum fee x2) 1,200 yen
Domestic shipping fee (*as an example) 800 yen
International shipping fee (*as an example) 2,000 yen
Payment receiving fee (Fixed) 332 yen
Total cost 8,632 yen