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07:26:52 29-02-2024

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Unregistered "AIR Small Packet" now available to the USA!

We are a little late in letting you know, but from October 9th, 2020, "UNREGISTERED small packets" are now available for shipment by air to the USA.
Until now, only surface parcel post and DHL have been available.

However, "UNREGISTERED small packets" does not include tracking or insurance.
The size and weight of the package are also limited.
The acceptable weight for a small packet is equal to or less than 2kg. The volumetric size must be less than 90 cm.
If you are shipping only printed matter, then the weight limit increases to 5kgs but the package size limit does not change.

If you would like to ship your items using this method, please send a shipping request selected AIR and mention it in the comment field.
If your package is currently on hold and meets the above small packet conditions, we may be able to change your current shipping method with your permission.
This applies if your package is on hold and you would like to change to surface or DHL, as well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.