07:11:09 29-02-2024

Exchange Rate (Reference Only)



We are offering a Toranoana sales promotion !!

From February 10th to February 28th, our selling fee (commission fee) has been discounted as follows for individual Toranoana orders.

・One order between 4,001~7,000yen (including tax) : 700yen ⇒ 200yen commission fee
・One order between 7,001 or more (including tax) : 7% ⇒ 0% of the total as our commission fee



- Our usual fee of 500yen for orders under 4,000yen (including tax) remains unchanged.
- Only books and doujin goods (such as doujin-shi, tapestries, clear folder and doujin music cds) are eligible for this discount.
If a single order contains items that are not eligible for the discount, then the discount will not be applied to the order.
- For the classification of "doujin goods," we will follow Toranoana's system and count anything that is marked as "同人" (doujin).
- This promotion will run until 23:59 (JST) on February 28th 2021; however, we may end the promotion early without notice.