07:39:08 29-02-2024

Exchange Rate (Reference Only)



We will continue our Toranoana sales promotion !!

We will continue our Toranoana sales promotion until April 30th!!
Our selling fee (commission fee) has been discounted as follows for individual Toranoana orders.

・One order between 4,001~7,000yen (including tax) : 700yen ⇒ 200yen commission fee
・One order between 7,001 or more (including tax) : 7% ⇒ 0% of the total as our commission fee



- Our usual fee of 500yen for orders under 4,000yen (including tax) remains unchanged.
- Only books and doujin goods are eligible for this discount. If your order contains items that are not eligible for the discount, we will let you know before we complete your order.
- This promotion will run until 23:59 (JST) on April 30th 2021; however, we may end the promotion early without notice.