06:38:26 29-02-2024

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Regarding Japan Post's EMS service from June 1st

Thank you for always using our service.
There are two parts to this announcement.

1. Resumption of EMS services to the USA
EMS bounds for the U.S. will resume on June 1st, but service availability to Canada, Australia, and Russia remains uncertain.
2. "Tentative Extra Charge" for EMS packages going to Zone 2 countries.
From June 1st, 2021, Japan Post will introduce an extra charge to their usual EMS prices for all Zone 2 countries.
The reason for this temporary extra charge is the reduction of overseas flights due to the impact of the global pandemic.
Japan Post has stated that it will continue adding this extra charge to EMS prices until air traffic returns to normal.
Zone 2 countries include countries in the following: Oceania, North America, Central America, the Middle East, Europe

What you need to do:Nothing.
If you live in Zone 2, we will automatically incorporate this extra charge into the shipping fee for all new EMS packages to be shipped after June 1st, 2021.

A link to Japan Post's official English announcement can be found below.
The page contains charts explaining the extra charge per weight of the EMS package.
The original Japanese press release can be found here.