08:57:31 29-02-2024

Exchange Rate (Reference Only)



Notification of revision of our handling fee structure.

Thank you for always using GOODY-JAPAN.
We decided to abolish our payment handling fee of 130 yen from December 20th.
Accordingly we will change our commission fee rate.

For detailed information, please refer to the page below.

Because of the revision of our commission fee, we will charge a Remittance Receiving Fee (PayPal fee) to customers from December 20th (JST).
That will be applied to shipping requests that are sent on and after December 20th (JST).
So if there are any items stored at our warehouse now, we recommend you send a shipping request by 23:59 December 19th (JST).
Remittance Receiving Fee is 4% of your all payments for products, domestic shipping, our fees, and international shipping.
The Remittance Receiving Fee is added on a final invoice.
Thank you for your kind understanding.