11:12:23 23-05-2024

Exchange Rate (Reference Only)



You can now buy Mercari items in real time!

You can now buy Mercari items in real time!
Simply press Buy Now button on the screen to make an immediate purchase!
You no longer have to worry about an item being sold out.
Of course, you can still negotiate the price as before.

Please note that if you enter a negotiation price or comment, the real-time purchase function will be disabled and our staff will purchase the item manually as before.

Mercari Shop items is now displayed in the search results.
So you don't have to send a shopping order from shopping order form when you purchase from Mercari shops.


When making a purchase, please check to see if the item falls under the category of dangerous goods or prohibited imports.
If you purchase an item that falls under that category, we will cancel the order and your deposit will not be refunded.
If you have any concerns about your purchase, please enter about it in a comment section and submit your order.

If you encounter any system problems when you use real-time purchase for Mercari items, please let us know from contact form.